Design, Art Show

Year: 2014


Art submissions for the Bun & Games art show.

I submitted a faux vintage Smash Bros. ad for the NES as well as supported my son in bringing to life the map from Castlevania.

I was invited to participate in the Bun & Games art show at the local hot dog shop Tubby Dog.

Searching for ideas I dug through my piles of old video game magazines and created a back cover ad for Smash Bros. circa 1989.

My kid also wanted in on the action so we collaborated on a recreation of the Castlevania map of Dracula's Castle.

It turned out super spooky.

Thanks to Mike Mateyko over at Komboh for organizing a great show.

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My son's first art show submission

Our Castlevania map collab submission

Old stained parchment, torn and bloodied

The Castlevania map inspiration

Close up of the castle

My faux ad for Smash Bros. on the NES

Bun and Games poster by Komboh