Website, Web Development, React, Project Management

Year: 2020


OpenBook is for new grads who'd like to connect with a seasoned Pro in their field.

Ask real questions. Get real answers.

A service to new grads looking for advice from seasoned professionals. Quick turn around on this React based project. Connecting to external services such as LinkedIn and Greenhouse.

Tricky build with such a precise 10 column (faux 5 col) design. Alignment was crucial especially with the five grey column lines highlighting any jank throughout the responsive range.

Fixed nav contrast changing throughout sections, slider with nested accordian and bold scaling title design on the professions pages.

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hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
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hey bud
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Strict 5 column layout makes precise responsive views extra important

Faint grey lines making 5 columns dictate a precise layout from mobile to desktop

Full screen slider with nested accordian and 75% bg photo. Tricky

Step 1: Large responsive text with description accordian. Again abiding by columns

Step 2: More options holding user selections

Step 3: Final selection before booking