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Year: 2019


Zena B's Raw Honey is genuine, pure honey from small town Saskatchewan.

The Zena B's website was an experiment in how far I could get a website for spending as little as possible.

I had a list of criteria to meet before proceeding with the tech stack.

  • New method of design - Figma (a free Sketch alternative)
  • Headless CMS (DatoCMS)
  • Ability to accept form submissions (Netlify)
  • https (Let's Encrypt)
  • Learn new frameworks/tech (Gatsby, GraphQL, React, Netlify, DatoCMS)
  • Free (or as close to it)

Turns out it's about $13 bucks and a 💯 Google Page Speed Lighthouse score.

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hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
hey bud
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Building the site using this tech stack and platform has earned a 💯 from Google's PageSpeed Insites. * dab *

100% Google PageSpeed Insights Score